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High Power Balloon Light Tower
Widely used in various big events for special lighting and ornament effect, such as the concert, celebration, press conference, convention and exhibition, etc.
Portable Balloon Light Tower
The triangular bracket for easy storage is used for unfolding when it is used, and it is stored when not in use, and is put into a suitcase for convenient transportation.Glare-free, ensure the safety of the builders and drivers;
Balloon Light Tower with Generator
1. Widely used in construction sites such as road repair, disaster relief, and rescue;2. High brightness, 360 degrees without shadow illumination;3. No glare to ensure the safety of builders and drivers;4. Pneumatic mast, easy and quick to operate;Light s
LED Balloon Light Tower
Applicable for the emergency situations such as earthquake, flood control, disaster relief, utilities, fire-fighting and traffic accident, etc.
Simple Tripod LED Balloon Light Tower
The machine is mainly used in the field of expressway and national highway for night construction. Mining, Industrieis, Disaster relief, Emergency Rescue 600W LED Manual Push Portable Light Towere etc, It has high brightness, but would not dazzle people.
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